Share processes and data securely on a need to know basis without the need for reconciliation it combines a permissione.

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Disk storage
Port / bandwidth
Quick Provisioning
100% NVMe SSD
Hyper-Threading (SMT)
Nested Virtualization
Reboot and OS Reinstall
Additional IPs
Free Control Panels
Unlimited Traffic
Multiple Linux Distributions
DDoS Protection
Dedicated Bandwidth
DNS Management
Dedicated Physical Cores
Additional SSD Storage
1 IP Address
Reverse DNS
SSL Certificate
RAM Optimized 1:8 Core To RAM Ratio
One-click Backup
/64 IPv6 Network
Root Access
Plesk & cPanel

Simple, fast and reliable.

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Modern and safe servers

We offer modern and safe servers as well as the best network infrastructure.

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Premium Bandwidth

We offer enough bandwidth and never have to worry about overuse.

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24/7 Help & Support

Reach us anytime at +39 329 03 145 88 or +383 45 233 581